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S203 - Hiring and Growing the CS Team

von The CS Mentor - All things Customer Success | Vom 2021-06-24

Whether you're a job seeker or an employer, I highly recommend you to listen to this episode. In this episode, I am speaking to Emily Garza, AVP, Customer Success at Fastly Inc. Emily and I discuss why employers struggle to find the right talent and why candidates struggle to find the right job. We also discussed Emily's journey into Customer Success and how can someone do that too.

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When I started my career in Customer Success, I used to get hundreds of questions around my role. The situation hasn't changed much and I see that a lot of people are still unaware of Customer Success as a Career. Moreover, there is no single repository for budding CSMs and learn more about this role. Seeing this gap, I thought of doing something about it, and 'The CS Mentor' is the result! I hope you would like my podcast. Questions? Send me a LinkedIn message: Music by LiQWYD. Licensed under Creative Commons.