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Episode 19: Top 5 questions for your next Customer Success Interview

von The CS Mentor - All things Customer Success | Vom 2020-08-31

Preparation always comes before Success, Even in the dictionary. What if I tell you the questions you might need to answer during your next Customer Success Interview? No, I am not joking and I am not applying any mind-reading techniques here.  If you zoom out a bit and identify what hiring managers would be looking, You would be able to guess the questions. Listen to this episode and find out the Top 5 questions people ask during Customer Success Manager interviews.

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When I started my career in Customer Success, I used to get hundreds of questions around my role. The situation hasn't changed much and I see that a lot of people are still unaware of Customer Success as a Career. Moreover, there is no single repository for budding CSMs and learn more about this role. Seeing this gap, I thought of doing something about it, and 'The CS Mentor' is the result! I hope you would like my podcast. Questions? Send me a LinkedIn message: Music by LiQWYD. Licensed under Creative Commons.