Season 5: Episode 1 – Hear from Aimie Chapple, CEO of Capita Experience

We are delighted to welcome Aimie Chapple, CEO of Capita Experience, to our opening episode of Season 5 of Customer Perspective; our first episode in 2022.  Aimie’s team at Capita, a consultation, transformation and digital services business, supports clients in creating frictionless experiences for their customers and stakeholders in the UK, and internationally. Jamie Thorpe, our Ipsos MORI Head of Experience Management, closed out Season 4, and he’s back to kick off the New Year.  Jamie grills Aimie, in the nicest possible way, on what CX means to Capita, customer expectations, empowering staff on the front line to deliver on those expectations, linking CX to financial return (ROCXI – delivering a Return on CX Investment, always a great topic of conversation!), the ‘one CX thing that she wishes everyone knew’ (how would you answer that?), and, of course, about the work the work that Capita is doing with Ipsos to deliver even greater CX. Happy New Year to all our Customer Perspective listeners.  Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2022!  Thanks for getting us off to a great start, Aimie and Jamie. Find out more about our latest Ipsos CX and Channel Performance thinking.

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Customer Perspective is a weekly podcast aimed at all of you who are concerned, in some way, with helping your organisation deliver on its Brand Promise to customers; so whether you’re a Customer Experience practitioner, lead CX measurement and management programmes, head up Mystery Shopping, are responsible for the performance of channels, or functions, and their role in delivering customer success … then this podcast is for you. Questions/Comments: [email protected]