Season 4: Episode 5 – Beyond omnichannel retail to convergent commerce

The last few years have seen channels and consumer engagement touchpoints mushroom.  At the same time, digital and physical environments are converging. Today’s environment is all about channels that are simultaneously fragmented and coming together: convergent commerce. We are delighted to welcome Alison Chaltas, Ipsos’ global lead of Omnichannel, and co-author of recently published thought leadership paper, ‘Beyond omnichannel retail to convergent commerce’.  In our podcast, Alison ensures we are all clear on what convergent commerce means, and then explores some of the emerging channels where convergent commerce is evident, their impacts on consumer/customer journeys, touchpoints, and what this means for brands, including those operating in the Direct to Consumer (DtC) space. We get channel geeky … phases likes de-averaging, bifurcation and replication of sensorial experiences may pass our lips … but there’s something for everyone here; these changes are impacting us all. To hear more from Alison, sign up for our Ipsos KEYS webinar on 18th November: [WEBINAR] KEYS: Convergent Commerce | Ipsos.  Alison’s paper is here, as is the Ipsos Omnichannel resource website. Check out the new Channel Performance Management paper we mention, which features several sector-based case studies, and sets out to support those charged with measuring and managing the performance of the channels in their organisation – physical, contact centre, and digital – to drive brand growth. Head to this link to find out more about the ECCCSAs | European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards. Ipsos’ latest CX, Channel Performance and Omnichannel specific thinking may be found via these links.

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