Season 4: Episode 4 – The role of UX in driving brilliant CX

Our world is undergoing digital transformation and the Customer Experience is changing – from offline to online, from real life to virtual, from aided to self-administered, and so on.  Understanding the changing UX requirements, moments, pain points and areas of delight, are key. Our Ipsos UX teams have been working on many areas where UX can drive a more positive Customer Experience, for all members of society.  Katharine Davis, Head of UX, and Damian Rees, UX Director, both from our Europe team, are here to highlight a few of them, covering: what is UX, where it’s come from, and why it’s so relevant to the CX agenda right now; how Customer Experience and expectations are changing with the move to a digital world; the areas that need to be considered to ensure that experiences are just as good as, if not better than, ‘before’; the key components of good User Experience; inclusive UX and compassionate design, and the benefits to both users and organisations; plus a few predictions thrown in for good measure. To hear more from Katharine and Damian, head to their on-demand webinar: User Experience (UX): what makes the difference between success or failure?.  Our latest Ipsos CX and Channel Performance thinking may be found here.

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