Season 3: Episode 17 – Renewed competitive challenge for grocers as consumers return to old habits.

During the pandemic, Ipsos research indicated US consumers were spending more at grocery stores, with 4 out of 10 spending $200 or more per month. However, as the pandemic subsides, nearly half (49%) expect to decrease their grocery store spend for meals. At the onset of COVID-19, grocers and big-box players implemented or expanded delivery and pickup services, to adapt to the pandemic environment, meet customers’ needs and grow meal spend. But winning space in consumers’ refrigerators and tables for meal occasions requires more than that … This week, we are joined by Ipsos’ Jaime Tarud, who claims never to have missed an episode of Customer Perspective!  He’s a Director in our US Channel Performance team.  He co-authored, with Mike Murphy, a recent paper Grocers Face Renewed Competitive Challenge as Consumers Return to Old Habits, addressing the question of what will influence consumers to continue to spend their meal dollars with their grocery store in a post-pandemic world. Episode 17 brings us to the end of Season 3. Thank you for joining us and hope you enjoyed listening. We’ll be back with Season 4 in September, and already have some amazing guests lined up. We look forward to talking you again, then. In the meantime if you have any guest/content suggestions, do get in touch with us at [email protected] Find out more about our latest Ipsos CX and Channel Performance thinking.

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