Translation News & Lawsuits over the Gospels of Matthew and Luke

MA in Bible Translation from Nida Institute: Seed Company Residency Program: Wycliffe's convergence program for training consultants: Word for the World's training programs: Mekane Yesus Seminary: SIL Translation CiT Funding Guidelines: Is a current SIL staff member Is already an approved Translation CiT with their OU – have a mentor, a growth plan, and have begun their mentored checking training Is within their last two years of their Translation CiT program – ie, within two years of starting this program they will become approved as a Translation Consultant Have approval to enter this program from their OU Administration (supervisor) and their OU Translation Coordinator Upon becoming a Translation Consultant, they commit to working 0.5 FTE (50%) of their time as a Translation Consultant for at least five years Authors/ contributors are needed for two Translation Resources projects currently underway - Bamboo TN (Translator's Notes) and KTOT (Key Terms of the Old Testament). If you are interested in working part-time with either of these projects, email Brian Migliazza for further information. Contact Phil King: [email protected] Contact Brian Migliazza: [email protected] News from Jerusalem about John Mark's lawsuits by Don Lowe. | my books | twitter | music | Hebrew | academic articles | facebook | contact | download all episodes for offline

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It's been said that people don't want to know: 1) how sausages are made, 2) how bibles are translated. In this podcast we bravely talk about the latter, go deep into biblical studies, and seek to treasure and understand the Bible together. It's for people who want to get nerdy about Scripture and for those who want to understand how their translations came to be. Everything from history to Hebrew, we're on a quest to learn more and make beautiful translations of God's Word. We believe the Bible is a unified, God-breathed, God-centered, hope-giving book, sweeter than honey, pointing to Jesus.