Flourish - Women's Heritage Walks in Glasgow

'Flourish' is a story about Glasgow's "City of the Dead". We're joining a group of history detectives from the Glasgow Women's Library for a guided tour at the Necropolis, a Victorian garden cemetery behind Glasgow Cathedral.We'll hear stories of influential women who were buried here and learn about the lives of ordinary women in the city throughout history. Learn how many statues of women you can find in Glasgow, what happened to women accused of being witches, and what Queen Victoria has to do with fortune telling.Visit our website to find the full show notes, transcript & our top tips for a trip to Glasgow.Find out more about Glasgow Women's Library women's heritage walks here.Join the Wild for Scotland email list here.Support this show on Patreon and unlock bonus episodes.- Standard ad for ready-made itineraries- Tremula Network line Join our email list for weekly resources and glimpses behind the scenes.Follow us on Instagram @wildforscotlandAlso check out my Scotland blog Watch Me See!

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