Raptors: when birds of prey are persecuted

The UK's birds of prey regularly fall victim to criminal behaviour, with dozens found poisoned, trapped and shot every single year. There are 15 raptor species native to the UK, with varying conservation statuses. Some of them are severely threatened, so every lost bird becomes a threat to the survival of the species. That means raptor persecution is a big problem. Killing protected birds is a crime, but it goes on across the entirety of the UK. In this episode of Wild Crimes, we're finding out why are people risking jail time to kill raptors. How can we protect our birds of prey? And why is this issue so divisive? Find out with Museum curator Dr Joanne Cooper, RSPB Investigations Liaison Officer Jenny Shelton, Dr Roger Draycott of the GWCT, landowner Dee Ward, author Alan Stewart, and criminology graduate Ellen Burnside.

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