the $60 MILLION Call Her Daddy Deal

von Watchtime | Vom 2021-06-17

E3 Is happening this week and we are reminiscing on our favorite memories from the conventions. Call Her Daddy has taken a $60 Million deal with Spotify and talked about how Barstool Sports feels about the move. Big news about Trisha Paytas & Frenemies and how these kinds of content creator relationships go.Time Stamps:00:00 - Intro00:28 - Our memories of E308:51 - The history of Call Her Daddy12:21 - Call Her Daddy Spotify Deal13:27 - Unpacking the Spotify Deal16:26 - how Barstool Sports feels about the Deal28:02 - Trisha Paytas leaving Frenemies35:32 - OutroCraving more? Follow us here:Instagram: @watchtimepodTwitter: @watchtimepodSpotify: podcasts: Watchtime PodcastFollow Muselk: Grace: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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