FaZe Just changed esports FOREVER!

von Watchtime | Vom 2021-10-28

FaZe Clan announced they are about to become a publicly-traded company, meaning fans will soon be able to buy shares. In this episode of watchtime we break down how FaZe got listed on NASDAQ, how much is FaZe worth and what Alissa'a Violet's 3% of FaZe is worth!Timestamps:00:00 - Intro00:41 - How we are02:14 - How FaZe got listed on NASDAQ08:37 - How much is FaZe worth13:46 - What makes FaZe valuable 18:54 - What Alissa'a Violet's 3% of FaZe is worth20:29 - Why FaZe Isn't profitable25:48 - Why FaZe still has value30:56 - OutroCraving more? Follow us here:Instagram: @watchtimepodTwitter: @watchtimepodSpotify: podcasts: Watchtime PodcastFollow Muselk: Grace: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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