Voices of the Ancestors

7: Joan Mills on the Continuum of Theatre and Song

von Voices of the Ancestors | Vom 2021-02-04

What was the first Georgian song taught in the UK, and how did it come about? How can Georgian songs be used in theatre and ensemble training? And just how many songs are in the book 99 Georgian songs? Joan Mills, Voice Director at the Centre for Performance Research (https://thecpr.org.uk/), talks about tending the flame of living traditions - influenced by her recent interview of Sam Lee (https://soundcloud.com/samleesongs) and reflections on Sheila Chandra’s music ‘Weaving My Ancestors' Voices’ (https://www.sheilachandra.com/). She speaks of ‘Points of Contact’ a concept that inspired many ‘Giving Voice’ Festivals. Our wide ranging conversation covers: experimental voice practitioners; approaches to educating both actors and singers; her ‘legacy’ bringing the book 99 Georgian Songs to life with the help of Joseph Jordania (https://twitter.com/drjordania) after the untimely death of its originator - Edisher Garakandize. She sees the Continuum as being “like a bridge, but also like a wheel”. Navigate this episode with the searchable transcript, complete with time stamps, available here https://voicesoftheancestors.co.uk/transcripts Support the podcast on patreon https://www.patreon.com/voicesoftheancestors Enjoyed this episode? Why not buy the creators a coffee? On ko-fi.com/voicesoftheancestors Become a monthly supporter on ko-fi with access to extras, like the full uninterrupted edition of our conversation with Joan Mills. Sign up for our email updates and never miss an episode: eepurl.com/hhgoOf To be invited to the Voices of the Ancestors Community - on Facebook click this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/516207299354485/ You might need to like our page first https://www.facebook.com/georgianpolyphony Music used: Ialoni (www.ialoni.bandcamp.com): Sabodisho (Batonebo); Mtiebi (https://www.discogs.com/artist/1729546-Mtiebi): Shen Khar Venakhi; Sakhioba (https://soundcloud.com/sakhioba): Khorumi; Mzetamze (https://www.amazon.com/Voices-Black-Sea-Ensemble-Mzetamze/dp/B000005D2H): Zruni; and Joan's recordings of the CPR group rehearsing with Edisher and Joseph. Books mentioned: 99 Georgian Songs (https://thecpr.org.uk/product/99-georgian-songs/) The Georgian Feast by Dara Goldstein (https://www.amazon.com/Georgian-Feast-Vibrant-Culture-Republic/dp/0520275918)

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