Voices of the Ancestors

6: Christmas and New Year with Magda Kevlishvili

von Voices of the Ancestors | Vom 2021-01-07

Magda, leader of Amer-Imeri children's ensemble and co-leader of ensemble Mtiebi, tells us about the ancient tradition of Alilo, which was revived by her father-in-law, Edisher Garakanidze. Voices of the Ancestors by Holly Taylor-Zuntz and Susan Thompson. For more information, and to see the transcript of this episode, visit www.voicesoftheancestors.co.uk If you enjoyed this episode, why not buy the creators a coffee? On ko-fi.com/voicesoftheancestors or support the podcast on patreon https://www.patreon.com/voicesoftheancestors Sign up for email updates to receive a link to the full episode: eepurl.com/hhgoOf Music used: Ialoni (www.ialoni.bandcamp.com), Mtiebi and Kimilia (kimilia.bandcamp.com)

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