Schools pt. 2

Clogs, snow, the bus driver and the ‘kiddy catcher’ are discussed in Episode Two of Voices From The Dales.  Hear the voices of Kit Calvert, Joan Fawcett, Eric and Vera Alderson and Reggie Fagg Rawlence – all from Hawes – as well as John Waggett from Gunnerside, Norman Guy from Muker, Jennie Sunter from Keld, Brian Sunter from Low Row, Eleanor Scarr from Bainbridge, and Allen Kirkbride from Askirgg.   It is presented by Andrew Fagg from outside Hawes Primary School and was recorded on 5 March 2021.

Om Podcasten

Voices from the Dales features people from the Yorkshire Dales in northern England. It is published by the Dales Countryside Museum. All episodes are 15 minutes and presented by Andrew Fagg from Hawes. We are currently in Series Two. The latest episode 'At the Washdub' came out on 17 Feb 2023. Series Two is on Dales dialect as spoken by the people of the village of Gayle and the nearby town of Hawes in Upper Wensleydale. Series One began in March 2021 and had 15 episodes. ‘Schools pt.1’, ‘Schools pt.2’, ‘Chapels’, ‘Bard’ and ‘Museum Makers’ (Episodes 1-5) came out during the third Coronavirus lockdown in March 2021 and drew on the Dales Countryside Museum’s oral history collection as well as fresh interviews. ‘Fell Runners’ (episode 6) takes you to the Hawkswick Dash fell race on 20 June 2021. ‘Cheese Past’ and ‘Cheese Present’ (episodes 7-8) were published in October 2021 as part of the Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival. Our Ingleborough Parts 1-6 (episodes 9-14) were commissioned by Wild Ingleborough and published on 7 June 2022. Peatland (episode 15) was published on 23 August 2022; hear the voice of the bog.