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von Voices From The Dales | Vom 2021-03-08

John Thwaite (1873-1941) was a Wensleydale dialect poet who wrote about the natural beauty as well as the ordinary working class people around him.  He worked as a grocer in the town of Hawes.  Some 30 years after his death a group of people in Wensleydale recorded his poems on cassette tapes.  In this episode hear two poems read by Jack Fawcett:  ‘The Quarryman’s Cross’ and ‘T’Auction Mart’.   It is presented by Andrew Fagg from Hawes Main Street and was recorded on 6 March 2021. 

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Voices from the Dales features people from the Yorkshire Dales in northern England, highlighting their stories, accents and dialect. All episodes are 15 minutes and presented by Andrew Fagg from Hawes. The latest episodes are Our Ingleborough Parts 1-6 (episodes 9-14), commissioned by Wild Ingleborough and published on 7 June 2022. Episodes 7-8 (‘Cheese Past’ and ‘Cheese Present’) were published in October 2021 as part of the Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival. Episode 6 (‘Fell Runners’) takes you to the Hawkswick Dash fell race on 20 June 2021. Episodes 1-5 (‘Schools pt.1’, ‘Schools pt.2’, ‘Chapels’, ‘Bard’ and ‘Museum Makers’) came out during the third Coronavirus lockdown in March 2021 and drew on the Dales Countryside Museum’s oral history collection as well as fresh interviews.