VerftetPOD #4 - Emilia Leppanen (CrossFit HQ & CrossFit Games Athlete)

In this episode we are having a conversation with the guest Emilia Leppanen. Emilia is the country manager via CrossFit HQ for the full Scandinavia countries. If that is not exciting enough, she is as Thaddeus and Andreas talk to her in Madison going to compete in the CrossFit Games, witch is the world championship in CrossFit. So this conversation got very fun and interesting. Hope you like it, if you do we would love you to hit the like and subscribe bottom. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Om Podcasten

Leading the podcast is CrossFit Verftet´s Head Coach Thaddeus Knops, he is joined in the studio by the Gym Manager Andreas Askeland. We discuss topics that will sparkle your knowledge in the different fields of fitness, health, and training.We are addressing all themes with what you need to know, what is nice to know, and principles to apply.They will be joined by some high achievers in the industry to talk about these topics or tackle some on their own.CrossFit Verftet is per full-time employee the biggest box in Norway. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.