Ep. 09 - Derailed

😈 Hello criminals OwO Today (May 3rd 2019) we (Nicole and Michelle) take a train (choo! choo!) down to boys town (Dallas) and meet (🥩) Gary Busey (a mass hallucination of all of us) I think we are all FBI. Gideon is our dad.  Follow us on Twitter @VeryLittleVogel Follow us on Instagram @UNSUBPod Follow Michelle on Twitter and Instagram @HoneyBWord Follow Nicole on Instagram @Screamicane

Om Podcasten

Welcome to UNSUB, the weekly podcast where we take you through an episode of Criminal minds and analyze it so you don't have to! Hear our thoughts on things like Reid's hair, Garcia's outfits, and Hotchner's marriage! Also, what's up with Morgan?? Find out every Friday!