Uncle, Please Sit!

Ep. 19: Medical Misinformation: Why do we believe?

von Uncle, Please Sit! | Vom 2020-08-10

On an all-new episode of Uncle, Please Sit, former journalists and comedy writers Joel Pereira and Tushar Abhichandani have yet another special guest - a medical doctor who’s a clinical scientist and a liver specialist, Dr. Abby Philips.

We’re right in the middle of a global pandemic and if there’s one thing that's spreading quicker than Covid 19, its fake news and medical misinformation. We seem to be both extremely skeptical but also super gullible when it comes to information about medicine and our bodies, but how did we get to this point? Click through to hear more - and if you're wondering, no, there's no such thing as an "immunity booster"

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