Uncared For (Official Trailer)

The maternal mortality rate in the United States is more than double that of our peers. How can we get maternal care right? In this season of Uncared For, we’ll learn from parents, doctors, midwives, and experts about why our system is so dangerously behind other countries. We’ll explore how places like Germany, the Netherlands, and Costa Rica are providing comprehensive and equitable care, and what the US can do better so that fewer pregnant people end up as statistics.   Uncared For is presented by the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit foundation making grants to promote an equitable, high-performing health care system. Learn more at CommonwealthFund.org.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

You’re more likely to die as a pregnant person in the United States than any other wealthy nation in the world. Why? This six-part series, hosted by award-winning journalist SuChin Pak (Add to Cart, MTV News), takes a deeply personal and wide-ranging look at maternal health care around the globe to find the answer. We start in the United States then travel to Germany, the Netherlands, and Costa Rica to see what works and what desperately needs to change. From Lemonada Media and The Commonwealth Fund.