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The Wheel of Time Podcast Episode 2 "Shadow's Waiting"

von TV Podcast Industries | Vom 2021-11-20

With Trollocs on their heels, Chris and John team up for the first time to discuss The Wheel of Time Episode 2 "Shadow's Waiting" in full spoiler filled detail. The Wheel of Time Episode 2 "Shadow's Waiting" Synopsis and Details Based on the book series The Wheel of Time created by Robert Jordan Showrunner: Rafe Judkins Episode Directed by: Uta Briesewitz Episode Written by: Amanda Kate Shuman Story Editors: Michael Clarkson and Paul Clarkson Staff writer Celine Song Relentlessly pursued by Trollocs, Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene flee from the Two Rivers as they race to get to the White Tower at Tar Valon. At Taren Ferry the group manage a temporary reprieve from their hunters as they make it to safety, crossing the deep river of Taren.  Once across the river, Moiraine destroys the ferry to prevent the Trollocs crossing, but this leads to the death of the Ferryman. Moiraine’s apparent lack of concern for his death makes the four companions become increasingly unsure of their rescuers and differing opinions reveal cracks between the villagers. That night as the group set camp to catch their breath, Moiraine wound and use of the True Source begin to take their toll; but she also begins to teach Egwene about the oath of the Aes Sedai and reveals Egwene’s ability to touch the True Power.  But other magic is at play that night as all four villagers experience the same disturbing  dream as they are visited by a dark figure with eyes like embers. Shaken and on edge, Rand challenges Moiraine and Lan asking them what their true intentions are for taking them to Tar Valon causing further disagreements in the group.  But later that day, with Moiraine seriously weakened from her injury,  the group must run for their lives as the Fade and its Trollocs finally catch up with them. To escape Lan employs a desperate tactic as they take shelter in the abandoned city of Aridahl. Now known as Shadar Logoth, the Trollocs dare not enter.   That night as the others sleep Mat is woken up by noises and investigates. Outside in the street he notices what appears to be the shadow of a man, following it he is led to a small room where he discovers an ornate dagger with a ruby at its hilt, which he takes. Meanwhile the travellers horses are spooked as the shadows begin to lengthen in the city, suddenly one of the horses is consumed and turned to ash by the shadow. As the darkness spreads it separates the group as they flee to escape the city and the encroaching shadow. Rand and Mat make it to safety as do Egwene and Perrin but the group is split.  Separately, Lan manages to carry Moiraine to safety, as her health fades,

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