Mental Health Miniseries: Kayla McBride

von TRAINED | Vom 2022-01-27

For Kayla McBride, basketball was never just a game.It was an escape from her childhood traumas and subsequent mental health struggles. But when sports came to a halt during the pandemic, she was forced to face the woman behind the athlete. On the final episode of our three-part mental health miniseries, the WNBA vet takes us on her journey toward healing, starting with the decision to put her story in the public eye. She speaks candidly about the challenges of vulnerability and its sweet wins: a closer bond with her family and a happier relationship with her sport. She also discusses how becoming part of the mental health conversation helped show others — and herself — that athletes are more than a number on a jersey or an end-of-season stat. Listen and learn why letting your guard down, and giving others space to do the same, can lead to a world where mental health takes higher priority.

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