36: What Happened That Night [REPLAY]

Today, we revisit one of our favorite episodes: "What Happened That Night"Find Tiny Tales on Instagram @tinytalespodcast, Facebook @thetinytalespodcast, & Twitter @TinyTalesShowNarration by James Barnett from The Night's End podcast. Visit nightsendpodcast.com or follow on Instagram @nightsendpodcast & Facebook @nightsendpodOther Voices in Order of Appearance:R. E. Rule (rerulewrites.com)Frank Nawrot (franknawrot.com)Dutcher Snedeker (dutchersnedeker.com)Gretchen Pille (gretchenpille.com)Music by Frank Nawrot and Amy Beachfeaturing James Alexander on celloProduction by Frank NawrotProduction Assistants:Matthew FerrandinoJohn C. L. Jansen (johnjansenmusic.com)What Happened That Night was written by R. E. RuleCover Art sourced from Prettysleepy.Support the show

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