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S 9 Ep 14: History, Past and Present

von The Yellow Balloons Podcast | Vom 2022-02-06

We continue exploring human history through the Biblical depiction of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in the book of Daniel 2. Prophecy, in its many forms, has impacted human history at every turn. We start with the Holy Roman empire and explore how it grew and changed through the centuries. Then we turn to the 7 weeks prophecy in Daniel 9 and unpack how it relates to the tribulation and the end times.

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The Yellow Balloons Podcast takes a deep dive into what the Bible says, with particular attention toward how Scripture shapes perspective. The Biblical narrative is a guidepost for daily living. It invites us to adopt a true perspective, to be transformed by the choices we make and the God we serve. Full transcripts of each episode can be found on our website at