Getting Major Media Exposure and Creating a Global Resource Blog with Dr. Mom Stephanie Liu

In Episode 7 of the podcast, we talk to Stephanie Liu, a family doctor in Edmonton, Canada. Stephanie built her blog in the hours while her 2-year old daughter, Madi, napped.   Initially, Stephanie started her blog as a means to provide a resource for her patients. In a few short months, however, her blog was discovered by major media news outlets in Canada, and now the goal for her blog has changed—she now wants her blog to be a global resource for families!   Stephanie has been featured on Global News TV (the equivalent to NBC in the United States) and in, an online news magazine (whose equivalent is the BBC in the United Kingdom) and has grown her Instagram account to over 5,600 followers!   Her blog features a mix of articles that she’s written, articles written by guest contributors, and posts co-authored by her and other guest medical experts. And if that weren’t enough, Stephanie is a published author! Her book, “Madi Monkey Learns The Body” was written for, and inspired by her daughter.

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