The Voiceover Social

52. The Bad Session

von The Voiceover Social | Vom 2022-01-01

What do you do when things go wrong? How about when they go really, really wrong?  Find out what YOU can do if you see or experience abuse in any of its hideous forms, plus tales of the worst directorial notes VO Socialites have ever received, and even the odd spot of singing...   Get your Voiceover Career Planner here: Tickets to “How To Direct And Be Directed” with the Talking Creative Podcast - The CNN article The rest of the #MeToo VO School podcast episode from 2018 - More about Jo Troy here - More from our sponsors Source Elements about how they're supporting people that are under represented in the audio industries - Theme tune written and performed by Martin Stirrup under this Creative Commons license --- Send in a voice message:

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A British Podcast Award nominated show that's consistently described as "not boring"... Leah Marks (voice actor and radio person) and Nic Redman (voiceover and voice coach) mash together interviews, investigations and problem solving in this cheerful show for voiceover types. There's a new episode on the first of every month and you can find out more at See you there, VO chums!