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Andrew Linham: 'Big Bertha's Quarter To Twos'

von The SoundSpring Podcast: Guided Musical Journeys With Creative Musicians of Today | Vom 2021-04-13

Hello listeners, and welcome to episode 15, featuring composer, saxophonist and educator Andrew Linham.After studying at Leeds College of Music, Andrew moved down to London to complete a post-grad at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where we met and started playing together.It wasn't long before he started making a name for himself. In 2011 he was a recipient of the Yamaha Jazz Scholarship Award and in 2012 he released his first album as a leader entitled ‘Abandoned Silence’ which received critical acclaim. In 2013, Andrew was asked to write the music to fill the second-half of a gig at the Forge in London. What emerged was a work called 'The Linferno Suite,' a long-form work for big band following the story of Dante's Inferno. I was so glad to be involved in this premiere and I've been lucky enough to perform Andrew's music ever since.This was just the beginning of a creative explosion that saw Andrew form his own jazz orchestra, self-described as a  'loud visceral remedy of jazz-based insanity to warm the cockles of your heart.' Over the next few years he wrote dozens of new works, including 'The Theme Music of Anarchic Animals' and released a critically acclaimed big band album titled 'Weapons of Mass Distraction.' Downbeat magazine summed up Andrew's record perfectly describing the group as 'one of the boldest—and most eccentric—large jazz ensembles performing today...striking a perfect balance between the sublime and the ridiculous.'You'd think Andrew had no time to spin any more plates, but he is also a teacher, music educator and writes numerous original musicals which he produces and MD's. I've still not worked out how he does it all.Andrew is a dear friend and frequent sax-section wing-man. I think that he makes the world a better place with his warmth, humour and generosity. Prepare yourself for the creative marvel that is Andrew Linham. by Katie Stevenson: 

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