LLB discusses landing placements, selling beats and YouTube gems!

LLB is a Cyprus based YouTuber and Producer, originally from the UK. His vlog style YouTube content focuses around helping other producers improve their skills and discover beat selling techniques. During the vlog we discuss how he got started in the game of YouTube and music production, as well as selling beats and landing major placements!  Enjoy! Get 7% off Distrokid, the best place to distribute your music online - https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/2459765 Earn a free share worth up to £200! - https://freetrade.app.link/8y19OLHrFfb?_p=c31529c79c1c65f9e40387f5 Donate to the podcast and get an instagram shoutout! - https://ko-fi.com/sluggybeats 

Om Podcasten

Music based podcast presented by the YouTube producer Sluggy Beats. New exciting guests featured every episode, where we will learn how they got into music and their best secret gems to help you in your musical journey.