Morrison Mysteries

Hey, Dateline fans! As a bonus, we’re giving you a special preview clip of our new podcast series Morrison Mysteries. Keith Morrison takes you on a captivating ride through some of the most suspenseful and chilling works of fiction you’ll ever hear. Get ready for haunting stories of ghosts, love triangles, jealousy and rage. Since it’s Halloween, we’re starting with Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Travel with us to a haunted town in New York, where some say the Headless Horseman rides to this day...    If you like what you hear, you can listen to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow now for free, or subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts to listen ad-free.

Om Podcasten

It’s a twisted love story that unspools like a film noir, where lust and obsession lead to murder and a classic double cross. This original series from Dateline’s Keith Morrison takes us into the troubled mind of a young man, and the cold heart of a woman who needed her husband dead. If only she could find someone “man enough” to do the deed... Follow and subscribe now and join us for the first two episodes on June 14th.