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"Loonshots:" Author of the #1 Book of the Year on 'The Invisible Axe'--Safi Bahcall

von The Professionals Playbook | Vom 2020-04-28

My guest today is Safi Bahcall who is the author of Loonshots, The most recommended book of the year. It came out in 2019 and has already been translated into 18 languages. It's recommended by Bill Gates, Daniel Kahneman, Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, and Tim Ferriss and was selected as the best business book of the year by Amazon, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Financial Times, Forbes, Inc., Medium, and the Washington Post. Safi is a physicist, a biotech entrepreneur, and a former public-company CEO. In 2008, he was named E&Y New England Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2011, he worked with President Obama’s council of science advisors on the future of national research.Safi regularly speaks with leadership teams about applying the ideas in Loonshots and has presented at leading institutions around the world.In our conversation we talk about his thoughts on the coronavirus, separating artists from soldiers in organizations, the role of incentives, and then at the end, he interviews me for a few minutes. I highly recommend his book Loonshots--The subchapter "The Invisible Axe" has, in my opinion, the single greatest page and a half of non-fiction writing, where he talks about the incentive structure of middle managers and why they are predisposed to reject innovative ideas. Topics we talk about:Corona Virus--optimism Why he got into physicsArtists and soldiers--love bothBalancing risk and opportunity Loonshot tactics for small groupsStake vs. statusThink through incentives Loonshots--the bookSign up for my newsletter for a few useful and insightful things that have helped me over the last month. You can sign up here.LinkedIn-- Justin Hasard LeeInstagram-- @[email protected] episode was edited by Trevor CablerYou can review the show by tapping here and scrolling to the bottom where it says: "Write a Review." Thanks for the support 👊

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