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Conversation with French Fighter Pilot, Author, and Speaker on Lessons Learned from Combat--"ATÉ" Chuet

von The Professionals Playbook | Vom 2020-03-03

My guest today is Pierre "ATÉ" Chuet a former French Fighter pilot who is now an author and speaker. He went through Pilot Training as an exchange officer with US Navy before flying for the French Navy. He's flown missions in Iraq and was the Rafale Airshow pilot. After a stroke took him out of the cockpit, he transitioned to speaking. In our conversation, we talk about human performance in combat, mental toughness, and the 11G pull-up that caused his stroke. Below are the show notes with time stamps: Youngest pilot in Europe (Minute 02:45)Exchange with US Navy (10:00)Carrier landing mistake (15:00)Anti-ship mission (18:00)Flying the Dassault Rafale (25:00)Physical preparation (36:00)Being at the tip of the spear (47:00)Mental health (1:05:00)Speaking (1:18:00)This interview is available in video format on YouTube here.Sign up for my newsletter for a few useful and insightful things that have helped me over the last month. You can sign up by clicking here.LinkedIn-- Justin 'Hasard' LeeInstagram-- @[email protected] episode was edited by Trevor CablerYou can review the show by tapping here and scrolling to the bottom where it says: "Write a Review." Thanks for the support 👊

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