Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth

I'm rebranding & a little terrified - the full story

von Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth | Vom 2022-02-18

Yep, I'm about to undergo a rebrand which means things are about to change 'round these parts. And I'm not just talking about the logo and colours.This rebrand is the result of a huge year of internal growth in 2021 and in turn, "outgrowing" the brand you see right now. So in this episode I'm giving you the full scoop about...→ Why I'm rebranding when my clients love my brand as it is→ What the rebrand is going to involve→ A sneak peak at how my inside out approach to the strategy→ And why it's scaring the hell out of me (despite the excitement!)But no more spoilers - you'll need to listen for the juicy details ;)PSST 👇🏼You can join the waitlist for UNBRIDLED here → https://unbridledbrand.coMORE RESOURCESThe Magnetic Brand Quiz Magnetic Monthly Marketing Plan WITH ME1:1 Brand Coaching Intensives Courses WITH MEInstagram: @iamkatelizabethLinkedIn: Kat ElizabethYouTube: KatElizabethWebsite: magneticbrand.coEmail: [email protected]

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