Methods Consult - Paradigms

Methods Consult - Paradigms is an inaugural episode where Lara Varpio dig a bit deeper into the some of the science methods and theory in Health professions education. Today’s theme is the basics of any research, the point of origin of your research; It is the philosophies of science and research paradigms. Episode host: Lara VarpioFor show notes and more info, please look at the Episode pageTechnical Producer: Samuel LundbergExecutive Producer: Teresa SöröProduction of Unit for teaching and learning at Karolinska Institutet

Om Podcasten

Drop into the conversation between the four hosts who discuss articles addressing health professions education. While the content is rigorous, the hosts offer light hearted and accessible insights, making this podcast part of many scholars’ regular listening schedule. The podcast is hosted by Jason R Frank, Jonathan Sherbino, Linda Snell and Lara Varpio and produced by Unit for teaching and learning, Karolinska Institutet.