30, Single & Fine

This is the Overshare for those fighting the pressure to settle down and start a family just because they’re 30 Something.  Here’s a collection of head strong focused singletons who are smashing their career and life and bucking the trend. In some episodes of The Overshare we change the names of the over-sharers to protect them or those connected to them.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson. In each episode Gemma takes on a different topic ranging from the shocking to the hilarious to the tear jerking. Gemma and her guests share open and honest experiences and you’ll hear some of the most jaw dropping stories. In each episode Gemma’s joined by an expert who helps us make sense of some of the curve balls life can throw. This is not for young ears! Expect explicit content in Gemma’s debut podcast series; The Overshare. Come and join us.