Why We Often Fail | 5-Minute Friday

Have you ever struggled to achieve the success you desire despite putting in your best effort?What if the key to unlocking success is a simple concept that we all experience but tend to overlook?This concept revolves around two critical zones that we all live in - The Practice Zone and the Performance Zone.Understanding these zones is crucial for improving ourselves, increasing productivity, and achieving our goals in all aspects of life.The Practice Zone is a state where an individual or team is fully engaged in the process of learning and absorbing new information. It requires a willingness to take risks, make mistakes, and experiment with new ideas without fearing failure.On the other hand, the Performance Zone is a state in which an individual is fully focused on the task at hand, performing to the best of their abilities with minimal errors.However, many of us tend to skip the Practice Zone and dive straight into the Performance Zone, which often leads to frustration and suboptimal results.In this 5-Minute Friday episode, we delve into the importance of both practice and performance and explore how to use them to achieve greater success in all areas of life.Tune in and discover how to exceed your own expectations!Key Takeaways- Why we often fail (02:31)- The practice and performance zones (03:01)- Applying the practice and performance zones concept (03:25)- Spend more time in the practice zone (05:04)- Take time to train your team (06:01)Additional Resources🔹 Do You Want More Profits and Lower Stress? ... Register for the OrthoPreneurs Summit  2023: https://opsummit2023.com/🔹 For more information, visit: https://orthopreneurs.com/🔹 Join our FREE Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OrthoPreneurs

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What does it mean to become an Orthopreneur? Hi there! My name is Dr. Glenn Krieger and I believe that in today’s competitive world, the orthodontic and dental communities should be collaborative. And I've created Orthopreneurs so that we can move towards that goal together. Orthodontists are smart people. You’ve accomplished a lot to get where you are, but chances are you never got a formal education in how to run the most effective and lowest stress practice possible. Don’t sweat it! Because we’ve got your back... Being an Orthopreneur means that you’re a part of a community. A community that brings peers together to become the best clinicians and the best business owners they can be. Becoming an Orthopreneurs means you never ever need to practice alone. Join the FREE Facebook group by simply applying:https://www.facebook.com/groups/OrthoPreneurs