Staying Motivated: The Science Behind Dopamine and How to Keep It Flowing

Maintaining motivation is crucial for success and the driving force behind achieving our goals and aspirations.But staying motivated all the time can be a real challenge, especially if we find ourselves going through periods of low energy.One key factor that influences motivation is the levels of dopamine in our brains.To maintain motivation, it is important to keep our dopamine levels at an optimum level.In this 5-Minute Friday episode, I share some ideas to help with dopamine levels which will, in turn, play a huge role in our motivation.Tune in to learn more!Key Takeaways- Ideas to help with motivation (02:24)- The link between motivation and dopamine levels (03:00)- Importance of good sleep (04:17)- Non-Sleep Deep Rest (04:43)- Benefits of Yoga Nidra (05:00)Additional Resources🔹 Do You Want More Profits and Lower Stress? ... Register for the OrthoPreneurs Summit  2023:🔹 For more information, visit:🔹 Join our FREE Facebook group here:

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