Orthodontics in the Digital Age: Insights from Dr. Leon Klempner

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting a true trailblazer in the field, Dr. Leon Klempner. With over 38 years of experience as a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Klempner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.After graduating from the prestigious University of Maryland School of Dentistry, he pursued his passion for orthodontics and obtained his certification from Tufts University.With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of orthodontic practices having practiced for many years, Dr. Klempner has become a recognized authority in the field of digital marketing and practice growth.Driven by his commitment to helping orthodontic practices thrive in a highly competitive economy, Dr. Klempner co-founded People + Practice with his daughter, Amy Epstein, a leading full-service digital marketing consultancy.As the CEO of this innovative firm, he has pioneered strategic approaches to position orthodontic practices for success in the modern era.In addition to his impactful work at People & Practice, Dr. Klempner extends his influence through various mediums. He co-hosts the popular podcast "The Golden Age of Orthodontics," where he shares invaluable insights, practical tips, and expert advice to empower orthodontists in navigating the challenges of their profession.His dedication to the industry and love for technology has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader and catalyst for positive change.Join us as we dive deep into his remarkable journey, where he shares his wisdom on the future of the orthodontics profession, dental technology to look out for, and some thoughts on early orthodontic treatment.  Get ready for an engaging conversation that is sure to inspire and empower orthodontic professionals.Key Takeaways- Meet Dr. Leon Klempner (00:28)- Is modern orthodontics more difficult? (06:35)- Work-life balance as an orthodontist (09:20)- Leveraging technology to benefit patients (15:18)- Benefits of remote monitoring in dentistry (20:04)- People + Practice digital marketing consultancy (26:38)- Early orthodontic treatment (29:44)Additional Resources🔹 People + Practice Digital Marketing for Orthodontists🔹 The Golden Age of Orthodontics Podcast  -----🔹 Do You Want More Profits and Lower Stress? ... Register for the OrthoPreneurs Summit  2023: https://opsummit2023.com/🔹 For more information, visit: https://orthopreneurs.com/🔹 Join our FREE Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OrthoPreneurs

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