How AI Can Help Streamline Your Orthodontic Practice Workflow | 5-Minute Friday

Unless you've been living under a rock, you must have heard about the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities.But have you tried using it in your orthodontic practice to help with some day-to-day tasks?AI is undoubtedly a huge part of our technological future, and we better learn how to use it.I have used it for writing job posts, responding to patients, creating emails, texts, performance reviews, policies and systems, social media posts, and more.One thing to note with AI is that AI is only as intelligent as the person using it, so the more specific you are with what you're looking for, the better the outcomes will be.Wondering how to incorporate AI into your practice? Tune in to learn more.Key Takeaways- Concerns around AI (00:26)- How to use AI in your practice (01:32)- Get better at prompts (02:27)- Artificial intelligence is only as intelligent as you are (04:21)Additional Resources🔹 Do You Want More Profits and Lower Stress? ... Register for the OrthoPreneurs Summit  2023:🔹 For more information, visit:🔹 Join our FREE Facebook group here:

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