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9. The importance of me time in motherhood

von The Mother Wellness Podcast | Vom 2022-02-05

I have a FREE facebook community The MotherWellness Collective. Join the community using this link. The MotherWellness Collective | Facebook The book I was referring to in this episode is You Matter- 7 Practices of Living a Life of Purpose by Melvin Miller with Federica Baldan. 7 types of activities to incorporate into your daily life. 1. Activities you enjoy 2. Activities that educate you/help you learn a skill 3. Activities which make you money 4. Activities which help you to build a community/relationships 5. Activities which help you to build your confidence 6. Activities where you care for yourself and/or others 7. Activities where you can be creative If you feel you require any support or information, feel free to contact me using the links below. *Facebook* *Instagram* Email: [email protected]

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Welcome to the Mother Wellness Podcast. In this podcast, there are discussions on how to take care of yourself as a mother, doing the activities you love and enjoy, maternal health and wellness and many more....