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TMS 2276: Chips and Nips

von The Morning Stream | Vom 2022-04-12

Pull Her Boobs Out of the Soup. Have You Ever Seen Paper Underwear?!? Even For The 80s, That’s A Really Huge Bush. Live, Die, Rinse, Repeat. I Don’t Like Naked Sushiiiiiiiii! He’s Not Overweight! He’s Undertall! Banana Robot? I Don’t See the Appeal. Grand Admiral Charlize Thrawn. The more jewelry you wear, they more naked you are. New Colon Smell. Warmly Rejected by Playboy. Banana Success Rate. Carte Blanche to Fart Like the Wind. Everywhere in Colorado is the High Country. 70 Cards gets you a movie. Your emails and calls and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

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