Rap Is Outta Control (DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz) 11 December 22

A Dj mix show that debuts new underground Rap and Hip Hop along with some of the hottest DJ's available, @itsdjeclipse & @djriznyc Be prepared for a non-stop musical journey. AZ “Respect Mine” (prod. by Buckwild) El Gant feat. Innocent & King Magnetic “Avirex” (prod. & cuts by DJ Jon Doe) Meyhem Lauren & Daringer feat. Hologram “Raspberry Crush” (prod. by Daringer) Team Demo feat. Montage One & Wais P “Blap” (prod. by Team Demo) G-Box Da Smoke “Peace Pipe” (prod. by Soul-G, cuts by DJ C.S.P.) Supreme Cerebral feat. Big Twins “Writings” (prod. by Reckonize Real) Artifacts x Buckwild feat. Big Joker “Come Alive” (prod. by Buckwild) A.G. “The Bottom” (prod. by Dark Keys) Masamoon “Wasabi Wolf” (prod. by Pigpen) Vinnie Paz “Rambo Knife” (prod. by Agor) Kil Ripkin & The Dead Poetz Society “Moving Up” (prod. by The Dead Poetz Society) Rasheed Chappell feat. Aidan “BEcoming” (prod. by Little Vic) Phries feat. Artifacts “Flawless” (prod. by Phries) Jay Royale feat. Havoc “The Wise & Lakid” (prod. by Ray Sosa) Passport Gift Parks feat. David Bars & Rasheed Chappell “3 Kings” (prod. by Passport Gift) Dub Sonata feat. Craig G, Sadat X & Dom Pachino “Somebody Shoulda Warned Ya” (prod. by Dub Sonata, cuts by DJ Nyce) The Bad Seed “Skinny Biggie” (prod. by JR Swiftz) Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene “Hittin’ Blocks” (prod. by Apollo Brown) Rasheed Chappell “Narcan” (prod. by Little Vic) Planet Asia & Snowgoons feat. Jay Royale “Pistol Grip Pump” (prod. by Snowgoons, cuts by DJ Access) Vinnie Paz feat. Thirstin Howl III “Loro Piana Robes” (prod. by H. Potta, cuts by DJ Eclipse) Nems x Scram Jones feat. Ghostface “Don’t Ever Disrespect Me” (prod. by Scram Jones) Artifacts x Buckwild “Facts” (prod. by Buckwild, cuts by DJ Eclipse) Rasheed Chappell feat. Yolanda Sargeant & Aidan “Praise” (prod. by Little Vic) Rasheed Chappell & El Da Sensei Freestyle ILL BILL “Time To Go” (prod. by Lord Goat & Scott Stallone)

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