The End? Part I

There are many reasons that a business might come to an end, by choice or otherwise, but sometimes the numbers simply no longer add up and we may have to face an extremely difficult set of decisions.With many parts of the world entering into a recession at the time of recording, unfortunately it's likely that more businesses will be facing these types of difficult decisions over the coming weeks and months.However, to help you understand and prepare for the practical and emotional aspects of these potentially life changing decisions, we’ve decided to run this two-part special for you.In this episode you will hear an extended interview with Luke Johnson, a fascinating entrepreneur, who tells his story of how he had to close down his business ‘Cognitive Geology’ after 6 years, detailing both the mental turmoil and the practical challenges that he went through in the process. Pre-Register for the Misadventures in Entrepreneuring Book : This is no ordinary business book. It’s packed full of relatable stories and implementable steps to help you navigate the beautiful and bumpy road of entrepreneurship:Pre-order your copy here:

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