Family and Friends - How to ensure your relationships survive your business!

How do you navigate your relationships with friends and family as you and your business evolve? For relationships to survive the world of entrepreneuring, they will often require work to help your friends and family understand how your life has changed as an entrepreneur. People in your life will have different expectations of you based upon who you were before starting your business and the person you are becoming as an entrepreneur. Some of them will ‘get it’ whilst others won’t which often presents relationship challenges as you grow your business. Your relationships with your friends and family will all be different depending on whether those around you ‘get it’, have they experienced something similar, how strong where the relationships before you started and who else comes into your life during the new journey. During this episode we discuss: How to deal with the fact that family and friends won't always understand the pressures involved with running your business The importance of nurturing the relationships that are most important to you so that you can bring those important people on the journey with you (without them getting tangled up in your business decision making!) How to build your own entrepreneurial network if you don’t have a business ‘family’ to support youMeet Our guests :Gillian Dick - founder and Director of ‘The Go To Agency’ - a Social Media Management company who specialise in helping organisations to effectively manage their online reputation. Gary Maitles - Founder & Director of The Service Directory - an award winning, multi-million pound procurement company aiming to be the UK's largest procurement group specifically focused on Healthcare, Education and Hospitality. Anna Ward - co-founder and Operations Director at CakeDrop - CakeDrop is revolutionising office cake culture in London through its innovative online cake order and delivery service, hand-delivering locally sourced cakes direct to offices for employee celebrations, work perks, events, meetings and corporate gifts.Paul Thomas - founder of Paul Thomas Digital - Paul has 15 years of experience delivering change programmes in small and big organisations and specialises in helping organisations to navigate the opportunities and challenges of Digital Transformation.Course corrections This weeks course correction questions are designed to help you bring your friends and family with you - through both the good times and the bad times - over the course of running your business:Your two course correction questions this week are:Which of your personal relationships are struggling right now?What changes could you make to address that?Please share your responses on our Instagram channel here to have a chance to be featured on our next episode!Join our Course Correction Club! Like book club, but with a podcast topic, challenging questions, commitment to taking action, a community of entrepreneurs to support you to make small but brave changes…and optional wine/gin/peppermint tea to go with it.After each episode we’d like to invite up to 5 listeners to join video call with us to discuss and debrief the topic and the course correction in a safe and supportive environment. Then the scary bit - we’ll all commit to some actions and feedback to each other on the impact that it has had.To find out more about taking part contact us here:

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