Co-founder Relationships

Having a co-founder can be hugely beneficial and can sometimes be the difference between make or break as you get each other through the tough times of running a business. However, research shows one of the most common reasons businesses fail is because of conflict between its founders which means trouble for your business and for your relationship. Often people think that just because a person starts as a family member, or a friend, or because you bond over a business idea in the pub, that you will be suited to be co-founders. However, when the going gets tough will you need to be able to find agreement, resolve issues, and determine who has the final say. During this episode we explore: How to establish clear roles and responsibilities with between your co-foundersThe important conversations you need to have with you co-founder when starting outWhat to do when things aren’t quite working out with your co-founderMeet Our guests :Dan Moore - Founder and Managing Director of OutputDan has over twenty years’ experience running creative businesses spanning design, branding, digital and motion. He set up his agency in 2002 with the simple intention of making ‘great work for interesting people’ and has worked with some incredible brands. Micheal Rucker - VP Technology at Active Wellness Mike is approaching almost two decades as a strategist in the areas of product development, marketing, and technology. Kerry Harrison - co-founder, Tiny GiantTiny Giant combine bold ideas with smart technology to deliver marketing that moves people. Paul Adams - Co-founder, Goldfish LondonGoldfish London are an agency group of entrepreneurs who help large organisations and startups to setup and market new ventures. Matt Kandela - CEO, Dear FutureDear Future are a Design and Innovation studio for brands that want to grow fast, own tomorrow and change the game.Course corrections Our course correction question this week is designed to help you to develop a more effective and enjoyable relationship with your co-founder:“When did you last check in with your co-founder about how you are both feeling and the direction of the business?”Please share your responses on our Instagram channel here to have a chance to be featured on our next episode!Join our Course Correction Club! Like book club, but with a podcast topic, challenging questions, commitment to taking action, a community of entrepreneurs to support you to make small but brave changes…and optional wine/gin/peppermint tea to go with it.After each episode we’d like to invite up to 5 listeners to join video call with us to discuss and debrief the topic and the course correction in a safe and supportive environment. Then the scary bit - we’ll all commit to some actions and feedback to each other on the impact that it has had.To find out more about taking part contact us here: Misadventures in Entrepreneuring PodcastThe Misadventures in Entepreneuring podcast is the show that brings you refreshingly honest conversations about the day-to-day realities of being an entrepreneur. Subscribe Please subscribe on your favourite podcast player and join our mailing list at <&l

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