05. From Daughter of Tenant Farmer to CEO of Keller Williams with Mo Anderson

Former CEO of Keller Williams and all-around cultural icon, Mo Anderson, tells us how she went from being the daughter of poor tenant farmers to being one of the most influential and powerful leaders in real estate. We talk about the importance of mindset, workplace culture, and having faith. So take a listen and learn from one of the wisest, best storytellers of all time.Resources:Connect with Mo on LinkedInCheck out the Millionaire Real Estate Agent PlaybookConnect with Jason:LinkedinProduced by NOVA MediaThis podcast is for general informational purposes only. The guest's views, thoughts, and opinions represent those of the guest and not KWRI and its affiliates and should not be construed as financial, economic, legal, tax, or other advice. This podcast is provided without any warranty, or guarantee of its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or results from using the information.

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