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What Is Artist Collective? Q&A Interview ft. Evan Price (CEO of Artist Collective, Branding Specialist)

von The MICPodcast | Vom 2021-06-04

Evan Price is the Founder & CEO of Artist Collective and in this special episode of The MICPodcast, we take a look at his origins in music business at the age of 15, how the company came to be and how it's pivoted to the music marketing mecca it is today! From humble beginnings in Central IL to the classrooms of Columbia, various internships, and countless industry hustles, Evan is now a public figure in the world of artist management, branding, and crafting compelling artist stories. We talk about music colleges in the modern-day, what ways artists can develop themselves more intuitively and what we've learned over the years with Artist Collective. Fun fact: Evan Price was our host Vinnie Hines' Manager up until the American Idol days, so tune in for exclusive stories and an insider look at Artist Collective, the current programs available to artists and what type of artists we're looking to work with. As always follow and connect with our guest on SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR MUSIC INDUSTRY COLLEAGUES! JOIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEURS FACEBOOK GROUP: REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS! (*Link coming soon*)

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