#062 SuperFeast Rewind: Adrenal Fatigue with Sage Dammers & Dan Sipple

In today's podcast the terrific trio, Mason, Dan and Sage, come together to talk all things adrenal health. The boys address the concept of adrenal fatigue and what that term has come to embody in today's society.   The gents discuss: -Adrenal fatigue and deficiency. -The role of adrenal health in day to day function. -The concept of Jing essence and how that effects our adrenal health. -Just how important adrenal health is in keeping the rest of the body in harmony and balance. -The role of the 'fight or flight' response and how that has changed from primitive times to now. -Stress and fatigue related disorders. -The hormone interplay that occurs when the adrenals are taxed. -Indicators of 'adrenal fatigue', tissue cortisol vs salivary cortisol. -HPA (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal) disfunction. -Adrenal health and lifestyle design. -The importance of cortisol in keeping inflammation in check. -The power of 'walk about' in healing. -Reprogramming the nervous system and the significance of sleep. -Switching from 'active' to 'passive' exercise to aid adrenal health. -A take away quote from this epic chat: "The sage would adopt any life imposed on him without recrimination or remorse, without losing his good humour and contentment because his intimate being possesses the means to communicate with the organisation of the world in such a way that wealth, honour, leisure or their opposites are incapable of affecting the power of his soul."  -huainanzi   Resources: SuperFeast Podcast: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/tagged/podcast  

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