#058 SuperFeast Rewind: Ashwagandha with Sage Dammers

Today, Sage Dammers (tonic herbalist and master chocolatier) and Mason cover everything you need to know about the newest addition to the SuperFeast apothecary, ashwagandha! The guys dive deep into the lore and traditions behind this Ayurvedic herb. The countless benefits of this calming adaptogen range from dialling down the stress response, nourishing the nervous system, balancing hormones and providing reproductive system support. And plenty more. A botanical which is an aphrodisiac, that's not overly stimulating, that is also a nervine?! What! A! Herb!   "Ashwagandha really is the herb for modern times" - Sage Dammers     In today's episode, you will hear about: -Up to 15 clinical applications have been thoroughly researched for ashwagandha -Traditionally a 'muscle, marrow and semen' builder and supporter -Regrows damaged synapses in the brain from heavy metal toxicity -Provides the sexual energy and vigour of a horse  -The ultimate rejuvenating herb for the elderly, kids and everyone in between -Small doses are incredibly effective, more is not always better -Stimulates blood production in the body, may be good for vegetarians / vegans who need blood building support -Need to build blood? Try SuperFeast Deer Antler and SuperFeast Ashwagandha  -When starting with ashwagandha, if you are in a rebuilding stage, give it time to rebuild. Then the rejuvenating effect will kick in -Slightly heating and drying herb and helps to move water Qi by supporting spleen function -Positive effect on male fertility via the decrease in stress and increase in adaptability (results in healthier sperm and hormone levels) -A cortisol-dependant state can be positively balanced by ashwagandha  -Helps to balance blood sugar -Also a powerful fertility enhancer for women via balancing of hormones Resources: SuperFeast Podcast: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/tagged/podcast BUY Ashwagandha Root Extract Powder

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