#057 SuperFeast Rewind: Period Repair with Dr Lara Briden

In today's Women Series episode, Tahnee chats with Dr. Lara Briden who is on a mission to empower women to reclaim their menstrual cycles. Dr. Lara refers to women's monthly cycles as their monthly report card and how ovulation is a vital sign of health. The ladies discuss how ovulation is so much more than just making a baby. Even though PMS and infertility are normalised in the Western world, Dr. Lara breaks it down that these symptoms are not healthy nor necessary. Hormonal birth control options are discussed and the ladies dive into the difference between PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea. To help empower women gaining confidence and knowledge about their cycles Dr. Lara shares methods to track ovulation and tips on dietary lifestyles to feel vital and healthy as a woman.   The Ladies Discuss: -Without ovulation, there is technically no cycle -PCOS sufferers often experience anovulatory cycles (a bleed, without ovulation) -Did you know a regular cycle occurs every 21-35 days? -Tips to track ovulation include cervical mucous and basal body temperatures -Fertile mucous looks like raw egg-white and is a sign of estrogen -When you are on the Pill, you will not produce fertile mucous -A blood test looking at progesterone is risky as progesterone fluctuates throughout the cycle -The idea that the Pill supports fertility is a myth; it shrinks the ovaries and may bring on menopause earlier -Hormonal birth control essentially induces a menopausal state -It takes 12 years (TWELVE!) for a female's hormonal systems to fully mature -Younger girls can often successfully treat period issues with anti-inflammatory foods and being dairy-free -How a vegan diet can pose severe challenges for women's hormone health Resources: SuperFeast Podcast: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/tagged/podcast  

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