#053 SuperFeast Rewind: Beyond the Pill with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Today Tahnee chats with Dr. Jolene Brighten, who is the author of Beyond the Pill. As the name suggests, this book explores the effects of the Pill and how to transition healthily off it. Coming off the Pill can often lead to a whole host of symptoms, but these symptoms can be seen as opportunities for greater health. The ladies share their experiences as new mum's and the challenges that must be navigated. So often, women can lose trust in their body and ability to heal and part of this can be associated with how often women's needs are dismissed in the general practitioner forum. Informed consent around the Pill is required and often missing in the Western setting. The ladies remind us that our bodies never betray us, they want us to thrive!   The ladies discuss: - Postpartum challenges. - How magnesium is a godsend for cramps. - A Pill bleed is not a true cycle, it is simply a withdrawal bleed from the medication. - The natural approach will always take time, so be patient. - During third trimester, the female brain shrinks! To allow for hyper focus on the newborn. Baby brain is real!! - Liquorice is very beneficial for new mums and PCOS sufferers, it's anti-inflammatory, supports cortisol and helps manage androgens. - The ins and outs of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). - Using the Pill increases your chances of several health issues (cardiovascular disease, clots, diabetes). - The key to balanced hormones are a supported liver and gut system - Regardless of your want to have a baby or not, during the reproductive years, being fertile is integral to overall health. - DIM and broccoli sprouts are a girls best friend when dealing wth estrogen issues. - Ever feel dizzy upon standing up? Add some good quality salt to your water. - Birth control-anxiety-depression; there's a connection to explore. - Don't be scared of eating a bit of dirt every now and again :)!   Resources: Dr. Brighten's website Dr. Brighten's Instagram Dr. Brighten's new book - Beyond the Pill Dr. Brighten's book - Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth Dr. Brighten's Favourite Lion's Mane Chi Nei Tsang Terry Wahls - Minding your mitochondria Imperfect Produce Environmental Working Group Butcher Box Girl who had all waste in a jar in from 4 years   SuperFeast Podcast: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/tagged/podcast

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