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von The James Suckling Wine Podcast | Vom 2022-04-13

From Napa, James talks via Zoom with the owner of Tuscany’s Tenuta San Guido, Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta, and her assistant, Elena Brachini, about the recent Sassicaia vintages. James asks Priscilla about the growing season during 2019 and how it was different from 2018.Priscilla says 2019 was "quite cool and fresh in the spring and we also had a couple of hailstorms at a certain point but then … the real summer temperatures arrived after the second half of June.” The heat wasn’t “out of control,” though, and there were very good conditions during the harvest, she says, with very nice temperature differences between night and day.The main difference between the 2018 and 2019 Sassicaia, she says, is the 2018 is “a little bit lighter” than the 2019. “We think it's quite representative of our style – it's so perfumed … with all those nice herbs and flowers you get on the coast during the summer.”

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